Tony Palmer's Radio Caroline photo album.

Tony Palmer worked for Radio Caroline for some time behind the scenes and was on board the mv Ross Revenge in 1990 when he was responsible for repainting the ship and hosting late night programmes. Our grateful thanks to him for sharing these photographs from his time at sea.

Tony Palmer on air
Tony Palmer in the studio.
Tony Palmer in the record library
Tony in the record library.
Tony Palmer on the Galexy
Tony Palmer on one of the station's tenders, the Galexy, with skipper Alex Pluck. Tony says: “The Galexy was a converted Tyne passenger ferry. It featured in the original Get Carter film.”
Nick Jackson on the Galexy
Nick Jackson on the Galexy.
Louise Roberts in the galley
Louise Roberts in the galley.
Louise Roberts in the studio
Louise Roberts in the studio.
Dave the Fish's boat
Dave The Fish's tender alongside the Ross Revenge.
Galexy and Ross Revenge
The Galexy seen from the deck of the Ross Revenge.
emergency generator
The emergency generator. Tony says: “The old mattress was an attempt to quieten the incredibly noisy thing down. The container next to it with the yellow funnel contains used, dirty engine lube oil that we were forced to use as fuel. This would have been in August 1990. We had a tender a few days later - a converted Motor Torpedo Boat that almost sank on its way out to the Ross. The boat had a load of 50 gallon drums full of fuel oil in them - but the pump to pump it into the Ross fuel tanks did not work and we spent literally all night transferring it bucket by bucket.”
Chris Frisco and Rico
Rico, left, and Chris Frisco in the mess room. Tony says: “The white stain on the carpet was caused the previous night when Nick Jackson and I were repainting the messroom ceiling. Nick stepped on the paint tray, flipping it over. Fortunately we were due some new carpet anyway. About a week later we had a very nice piece of carpet - courtesy of the Black Rose pub in the Archway Road, London - the Caroline pub. It was an offcut they had left over when new carpet was laid in the saloon bar.”

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