The fans' memorabilia

242 Showbeat magazine

Radio Scotland fan Jim Sinclair has very kindly sent us six issues of the station's magazine. Leafing through them, the name of the publication seems to have evolved over the months. The oldest copy he has, number 3, with a cover date of June 1966 is simply called 242 and is described as “Radio Scotland's Showbeat Monthly”. By issue 7, in October 1966, the title has become 242 Showbeat with the description “Radio Scotland's monthly”. By issue 9, December 1966, it is called 242 Showbeat Monthly. The photos on this page are from issues 3, 4 and 7. Click on the photos to see them in a larger format.

Issue no.3, June 1966

Radio Scotland's managing director, Tommy Shields, with pianist Marion Ross.

DJ Alan Black was a talented cartoonist. These are his drawing of his colleagues Tony Meehan and Bob Spencer.
There are more examples of Alan's work here.

Click on this drawing of Jack McLaughlin to see a profile of the disc-jockey.

Click on the headline to see the entire page of Cathy's Clan News.

Singer turned DJ, Peter Mallan.

DJ Jack McLaughlin being mobbed by fans at a Radio Scotland Clan Ball at the Locarno, Glasgow.

The Troggs playing to hysterical fans at the Clan Ball in Glasgow.

Friend of the stars Cathy Spence with The Beatles and The Hollies.

Many thanks to Jim. More of his 242 Showbeat cuttings over the page.
Cuttings from issue 1 here.
Cuttings from issue 2 here.
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