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A day-trip to Caroline, 1979

Ray Clark paid a visit to the mv Mi Amigo, the home of Radio Caroline, in May 1979. He says: “I went out with my chum Hans van Dijk. He and his sister Louise were / are friends with Peter Chicago who invited us onboard. Sadly our boat skipper wasn't keen on the idea. Despite 4 or 5 visits out there, I never did get aboard the Mi Amigo.”
Ray had his trusty Instamatic camera with him and has kindly shared his photos with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Sadly some are a bit blurry but they do give a clear picture of the state of the Mi Amigo at the time. It sank less than a year later.
Johnny Lewis, then broadcasting as Stephen Bishop, has helped identify some of the people in the pictures. He says that on board with him were Tony Allan, Tom Hardy, Richard Thompson, Tom Anderson and Chicago while Rob Hudson, Paul de Wit and Rene van Elst were taking care of the daytime Dutch service. After studying the photos, Dutch radio expert Hans Knot thinks that it might be Johan Visser not Paul de Wit, partially obscured in the first picture.

Tony Allan, Rob Hudson, Rene van Elst, Stephen Bishop

Left to right: Rene van Elst, Tony Allan, either Paul de Wit or Johan Visser (see comment above),
Rob Hudson and Steven Bishop.

Mi Amigo
Peter Chicago.
Rene van Elst and Stephen Bishop
Rene van Elst and Stephen Bishop.
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo Mi Amigo

More of Ray's photos over the page.
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