Paul Graham's offshore radio photo album

Paul Graham joined Radio Caroline in 1987. He has very kindly shared some photos from his time on the mv Ross Revenge with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. We are very grateful. When Paul was on board, a Dutch station, Radio Monique, was sharing the ship and some of its DJs also feature in the pictures.

Paul Graham
Paul Graham in the studio.
Paul Graham
Paul at work.
Jackie Lee
Jackie Lee.
Dave. He was known as ‘the godfather’ because he was responsible for playing out the sponsored Viewpoint 963 religious tapes.
Jackie Lee and Dave peeling potatoes
Jackie and Dave peeling potatoes while Raffles the ship's dog looks on.
Peter Philips and Paul Graham
Peter Philips and Paul Graham.
Engineer Keith and Jackie Lee
Jackie Lee, just back from a swim, with ship's engineer Keith and Raffles.
Jackie Lee, Steve Conway, Keith Francis, Jan Veldkamp and Colin Peters
Left to right: Jackie Lee, Steve Conway, Keith Francis with Radio Monique DJ's Jan Veldkamp and Colin Peters.
Jackie Lee, dave and crew-member
Left to right: Theo (crew), Jackie and Dave. Paul says “you can see the ferry Olau Britannia sailing by. This was a twice daily ritual especially the late night trip when the ferry would slow down and shine its very powerful spotlights on to the Ross. We all liked that. We got cheers from the passengers on the ferry sometimes. Rather bizarre but nice so far out at sea.”
Andy Robin
Andy Robin.

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