Tony Palmer's Radio Caroline photo album continued.

Jerry Wright, Chris Frisco and Victor Hartman
Jerry Wright, Chris Frisco and Victor Hartman relaxing. Tony remembers: “Jerry had taken holiday from his then day job. There was a very big gap between tenders and he overstayed his leave. Understandably he got what we called ‘tender fever’, running out on deck at any sound of a nearby boat.”
Chris Adams, Tony Palmer, Nick Jackson
Chris Adams (front), Tony Palmer and Nick Jackson (back). Tony says: “This was taken on a very hot, utterly still day. Chris left the ship a few days after this was taken. We were seriously low on water and he hitched a lift back ashore so that he could turn up in Highgate and moan at management.”
Bongo admires the paintwork.
newly-painted funnel
The newly-painted funnel. Tony says: “The white doves of peace holding the ‘L’ and ‘A’ letters were done by Louise Roberts using a Tipp-Ex correction fluid brush for the delicate work!”
Chris Frisco and Rico
Chris Frisco and Rico.
Louise Roberts
Louise Roberts and a view of the newly painted superstructure.
Tony Palmer
Tony Palmer up the mast.
Ross Revenge
The Ross Revenge.

Ross Revenge

Ross Revenge.

Tony says: “the photos of the Ross Revenge were taken in July 1990, during the repainting process. They were taken on a dead calm, very hazy summer's day. Two anoraks had come out from Margate to visit us and we hitched a ride around the Ross on their 24 foot motorboat to get a look at how our painting efforts were going. The eventual rainbow design on the funnel was not because of a promotion of gay rights or anything like that, as some have speculated. The real reason was that we had run out of red paint and were using the remnants of what we had left over! It was Nick Jackson, his girlfriend Louise Roberts and I who did it.”

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Many of Tony's photos are also available on Flickr. Our thanks to him for allowing us to publish them here.

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