Photos posted on Facebook by former pirate DJs.

Steve Young

Canadian Steve Young, nicknamed “the curly headed kid in the third row”, was the late-night voice of Radio Caroline South during 1966-7.

Steve Young and listener
Steve Young and devoted listener “Caroline Cathy”, 1967.
Steve Young, Peter and Gordon, Lady Godiva
Steve, centre, with pop stars Peter & Gordon and the subject of their then hit, Lady Godiva. Photo by Doug McKenzie. There is another picture from the same ‘Caroline Night Out’ on this page.
Steve Young
Photo of Steve from ‘Beatwave’ magazine.
Dave Lee Travis, Steve Young, Robbie Dale
Left to right: Radio Caroline South's Dave Lee Travis, Steve Young and Robbie Dale.

Mark Sloane

Mark Sloane worked on Radios Caroline South & North and Radio 355, as well as King Radio and Radio 390 as ‘Mark Hammerton’. These photos date from his time on Caroline North in 1967. He has previously shared some studio recordings from his stay on King Radio and Radio 390 with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. They can be found here.

Mark Sloane
Mark Sloane in the Caroline North studio.
Mark Sloane
Mark Sloane, with wig and false moustache, at a charity football match between Radio Caroline North and the GPO in August 1967.

Caroline Martin

The photos above all date from the mid-sixties but these are from more than twenty years later when Radio Caroline was broadcasting from the mv Ross Revenge. Caroline Martin worked for the station from 1986 to 1990 and has generously allowed us to publish her photos on The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. She says “I have hundreds more; I just need to learn to use a scanner!”

Dave Asher
Dave Asher.
Dave the Fish
Tender captain �Dave the Fish�.
Paul Shelton
Paul Shelton/Pornon in the studio.
Peter Chicago
Engineering supremo Peter Chicago.
Ross Revenge
The mv Ross Revenge.
rough seas
Rough seas.
rough seas rough seas

Since these were published Caroline Martin has shared lots more photos on Facebook. You can see some of them here.
With grateful thanks to Tony, Ron, Steve, Mark and Caroline.
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