Ian Anderson's Mi Amigo photo album continued.

Ian Anderson was on board the mv Mi Amigo in October 1973 when the aerial mast collapsed. He says “After the triangular mast on the Mi Amigo came off the insulators on 18th October 1973, putting Radio Atlantis and Radio Seagull off the air, there was little for the broadcasting team to do except hang out until finally evacuated. This is what we did on a ship that was running out of food, fresh water and fuel.”
These are Ian's pictures, taken with his Ilford Sportsman camera. As he and his colleagues were at a loose end, with no programmes to present, he describes the set of photos as “What We Did On Our Holidays”. The captions below are Ian's own words.

rough seas
“After the mast incident, it remained a bit rough, delaying the evacuation tender by a day or two....”
washing drying
“So we washed some clothes in seawater and hung them to dry on the door to the transmitter hold but, with the transmitters off, there was less heat coming out.”
Johnny Jason and Barbara Johnson
“We simply enjoyed each others company (Johnny Jason and Barbara Johnson)....”
Norman Barrington
“We contemplated whether the meaning of life lay to the north-west (Norman Barrington)....”
Mickey Mercer
“We wondered if Joy of Cooking had recipes with near-zero ingredients (American cook Mickey Mercer. The 1931 classic was his favourite cookbook.)....”
Mi Amigo's main anchor chain
“We compared a human hand to the size of the mooring anchor chain....”
Ian Anderson, port side Mi Amigo
“The weather broke and we again enjoyed glorious October sunshine.... (Ian Anderson)”
“Before we headed to shore there was bunkering (re-fueling) to be done. Note the never-used replacement antenna parts on the top deck.”

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