Ian Anderson's Radio Northsea photo album.

Ian Anderson joined Radio Northsea International at the end of 1972. He took these photographs on 14th September 1973. He says “it was the last time I was on the Mebo II before I went out to the Mi Amigo” (his photos from his time on the Mi Amigo are here and following pages).
We are very grateful to Ian for sharing them with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. The photo captions are in Ian's own words.

Hans ten Hoogen, Bruno Brandenberger
“On board the Trip Tender leaving Scheveningen's Tweede Binnenhaven, DJ and news-reader Hans ten Hooge (left) and engineer Bruno Brandenberger.”
Robb Eden, Marc van Amstel, Bruno Brandenberger
“Also on the Trip Tender, left to right, DJ Robb Eden, DJ/news-reader Marc van Amstel and engineer Bruno Brandenberger again. Robb multi-tasked by obtaining plug record contracts and was relief DJ.”
Don Allen, Graham Gill, Brian McKenzie
“Left to right: Don Allen, looking concerned, Graham Gill, realising that something is happening, and Brian McKenzie checking he is ready for shore-leave.”
Gerrit de Winter, Willem Aarsen, Rudi Kagon, Don Allen
“Watching the Trip Tender depart, left to right, crewmen Gerrit de Winter (a lovely guy), Willem (Wil) Aarsen and Rudi Kagon with Don Allen behind.”
Mike Ross, Barbara Johnson
“Bad hair day: Mike Ross and Barbara Johnson (Ian's then girlfriend) heading to shore on the Trip Tender and sharing a laugh, probably at the expense of the cameraman whose hair was worse.”
Mebo II
“The Mebo II, home of Radio Nordsee International, and, on the horizon to the north-west, the Mi Amigo, then home to Radio Atlantis and Radio Seagull and, as can be seen faintly, the triangular mast which part-collapsed two weeks later.”

With many thanks to Ian.
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