Photos posted on Facebook by Caroline Martin.

These photos are of a visit to the mv Communicator, the Laser-558 ship.

mv Communicator
The mv Communicator, home of Laser-558.
Charlie Wolf and Ric Harris
Laser DJs Charlie Wolf, left, and Ric Harris.
Ric Harris
Ric Harris.
Ric Harris
Ric Harris.
David Lee Stone
David Lee Stone.
Dioptric Surveyor
The government spy vessel, Dioptric Surveyor.

mv Communicator
Stern of mv Communicator

Caroline's father has been a fan of offshore radio for many years. These photos of his that Caroline has posted on Facebook date from a visit he made to Radio Caroline's previous ship, the Mi Amigo, in the late seventies.

mv Mi Amigo
The mv Mi Amigo.
Tony Allan and Tom Hardy
Tony Allan, left, and Tom Hardy.
Tony Allan and Tom Hardy
Tony Allan and Tom Hardy.
Brian Martin, Tony Allan and Tom Hardy
Left to right: Brian Martin, Tony Allan and Tom Hardy.
Tom Hardy, Paul de Witt, Richard Thompson
Left to right: Tom Hardy, Dutch DJ Paul de Witt and Richard Thompson plus one unknown obscured person.
mv Mi Amigo
mv Mi Amigo.

The mv Mi Amigo sank in March 1980. Caroline's father took some photos of the spot.

Caroline's aerial mast
Caroline's aerial mast rising from the water.
Caroline's aerial mast
Caroline's aerial mast.

Mi Amigo buoy
A buoy alerts mariners to the wreck lying below.

With grateful thanks to Caroline Martin.
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