Radio Caroline's 40th birthday DJ reunion continued

Mark Sloane and John Aston
Colleagues on King Radio, Radio 390, Radio Caroline and Radio 355: Mark Sloane (left) and John Aston.
Dick Palmer and Roger Scott
Dick Palmer (left) and Roger Scott pose for a photo before continuing their conversation about an old Radio Essex colleague affectionately known as “lavatory legs”!
Tom Edwards, Paul McKenna and Mark Sloane
Left to right: Tom Edwards, Paul McKenna and Mark Sloane.
Bob Walton
Bob Walton, also known as Bob Lee and Lee Gilbert.
Ronan O'Rahilly and Norman Barrington
Station boss Ronan O'Rahilly and seventies DJ Norman Barrington.
Ken Evans, Tom Edwards and friend
Programme Director Ken Evans (centre) with Tom Edwards (right) and a friend of Tom's.
Peter Chicago, Tony Allan, Paul McKenna and Robb Eden
Left to right: Caroline's engineering supremo throughout the seventies and eighties, Peter Chicago, Tony Allan, eighties DJ Paul McKenna and seventies DJ Robb Eden.
group of Radio Caroline DJs
Getting ready for the group photos, Keith Skues, Robbie Dale's back, seventies DJ Paul Alexander, Roger Day, Ronan O'Rahilly and others.
Paul McKenna, Spangles Muldoon, Ronan O'Rahilly, Johnnie Walker and Robbie Dale
Paul McKenna, Spangles Muldoon, Ronan O'Rahilly, Johnnie Walker and Robbie Dale.
group of Radio Caroline DJs
A group of DJs with their old boss Ronan O'Rahilly. In the throng are Richard Thompson, Paul Graham, Alton Andrews and others. Apologies to those we can't identify.
Mary and Chris Payne

Mary and Chris Payne of the Radio London website.
Check it out for more photographs from the party.
Caroline North newsman David Williams and
eighties DJ Nigel Roberts are behind Chris.

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