Radio Caroline - reunion of late seventies DJs, June 2018

At the end of June 2018 some of the people who worked on Radio Caroline in the late seventies gathered in a London hotel for a reunion. Some had travelled from overseas to be there and The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame was delighted to be invited too. Here are a few photos from that very enjoyable evening.

Caroline DJs
One end of the table. Clockwise from bottom left: Robb Eden and wife Nickki, Jeremy Chartham, Cliff Osbourne, Roger Mathews, Richard Thompson, Martin Fisher, Stevie Gordon, Nick Richards, Stuart Russell, Mike Stevens, Stevie Lane, Tom Anderson, Kelvin Carter/James Ross, James Kaye and wife Karen.
Caroline DJs
And from the other end of the table.... Photo courtesy of James Ross.

Robb Eden
Station administrator and Caroline Roadshow DJ, Robb Eden.
Kelvin Carter/James Ross
James Ross (also known as Kelvin Carter).
Roger Mathews and Robb Eden
Roger Mathews, left, and Robb Eden.
Roger Mathews, Richard Thompson, Martin Fisher
Left to right: Roger Mathews, Richard Thompson and Martin Fisher, plus the back of Stevie Lane's and Mike Stevens's heads.
Roger Mathews, Richard Thompson
Roger Mathews and Richard Thompson. Photo courtesy of Tom Anderson.
Martin Fisher and Stevie Gordon
Martin Fisher, left, Stevie Gordon and Nick Richards standing.
Stevie Gordon and Nick Richards
Stevie Gordon, left, and Nick Richards.
James Kaye and wife Karen
James Kaye and his wife Karen.
Stevie Lane, Tom Anderson, James Ross
Left to right: Stevie Lane, Tom Anderson and James Ross.
Cliff Osbourne, Roger Mathews, Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson standing, Cliff Osbourne and Roger Mathews.
Mike Stevens and Stevie Lane
Mike Stevens and Stevie Lane, with Roger Mathews in the foreground. Photo courtesy of Tom Anderson.
Stuart Russell and Martin Fisher
Stuart Russell, left, and Martin Fisher.
James Ross
A pensive James Ross. Photo courtesy of Tom Anderson.
Stevie Gordon, Tom Anderson, Nick Richards
The final DJ team on the mv Mi Amigo. Left to right: Stevie Gordon, Tom Anderson and Nick Richards. Thanks to Tom for the photo.

In the captions above we have called the DJs by the names they used at the time. Richard Thompson is now known as Bob Lawrence and Stuart Russell is Nigel Harris.

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