UK Offshore Radio 1964-1968

DATE EVENT Relevant pages of Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
11th JANUARY Radio London's mv Galaxy washed inside the three mile limit in a gale. The station remains off the air until the ship can be towed back into international waters. Press cutting
Press cutting
20th JANUARY Radio Caroline South ship, mv Mi Amigo, washed up on Essex coast and badly damaged. Towed to Amsterdam for repairs. The North Sea fights back
Press cutting
Rob Olthof's photos
JANUARY Radio Essex becomes the first 24 hour station in Europe.
12th FEBRUARY Radio Caroline South returns to air on reduced power from rented ship, the mv Cheeta II. Caroline rides the Cheeta
Press cutting
13th FEBRUARY Lifeboat attends Caroline South where DJ Graham Webb has been taken ill.
23rd FEBRUARY Dunbar lifeboat called to assist Radio Scotland. The ship's engineer Dick Harvey is suffering from severe stomach pains.
APRIL Radio Scotland launches a monthly magazine. The launch of 242 magazine.
APRIL Radio Scotland's Comet is towed to a new west coast anchorage in the Firth of Clyde. Leon Tipler's tape archive
27th APRIL After a couple of weeks of testing on various frequencies, Radio Caroline South returns to the air from the mv Mi Amigo. Now with a new 50 kilowatt transmitter, it is operating on 1187 kHz, referred to as “259 metres”. The Admiral comes aboard
Robbie Dale’s photos
Keith Hampshire’s photos
The Mi Amigo is back
3rd MAY Radio England and Britain Radio start test transmissions from the mv.Olga Patricia on 845Khz, 355 metres, and 1331 kHz, 227 metres, respectively. Launch press release
Press cutting
Ron O'Quinn's photo album
Radio England memories
4th JUNE Radio 270 starts test transmissions from mv.Oceaan 7 off Scarborough on 1115 kHz. Regular programmes commence on the 9th June. Guy Hamilton’s photos
Roger Scott’s photos
David Sinclair’s photos
Radio 270 Memories
Leon Tipler's tape archive
Hal Yorke’s photos
18th / 19th JUNE Swinging Radio England, on the 18th, and Britain Radio, on the 19th, begin regular transmissions. They have swapped frequencies. Jack Curtiss’s memorabilia
Radio England photos
20th JUNE Shivering Sands fort is taken over by raiders and Radio City is silenced. Radio City raid
21st JUNE City owner Reg Calvert is shot dead by Major Oliver Smedley, former chairman of Radio Atlanta. Press cuttings
26th JUNE The boarding party leaves Shivering Sands. At 10pm Radio City returns to the air.
AUGUST Three offshore DJs accompany The Beatles on a tour of the United States. The Beatles' final US tour
AUGUST The Dutch station Radio Veronica moves to a new ship, mv Norderney.
20th SEPTEMBER Caroline North DJ Mick Luvzit gets married live on air. George Hare’s documents
Mick Luvzit’s photos
Manfred Sommer’s scrapbook
21st SEPTEMBER Radio 390 is prosecuted under the Wireless Telegraphy Act for broadcasting inside the UK territorial limit. Press cutting
28th SEPTEMBER Radio Essex faces a similar charge. Press cutting
31st OCTOBER Radio Caroline North starts evening test broadcasts on 1169 kHz, referred to as “259 metres”. The normal daytime shows continue on “199”.
13th NOVEMBER Radio England closes down. It is replaced by the Dutch language station Radio Dolfijn. Look Boden's photos
25th NOVEMBER Radio 390 is fined £100 in a Kent court and closes down. Press cutting
30th NOVEMBER Radio Essex is fined £100 in an Essex court. It files an appeal and carries on broadcasting under a new name, Station BBMS (“Britain's Better Music Station”)
11th DECEMBER Radio Scotland receives a summons for broadcasting inside territorial waters.
13th DECEMBER Radio 390 loses its appeal.
18th DECEMBER Radio Caroline North changes frequency. It is now broadcasting on 1169 kHz, “259 metres”. Nick Bailey's photos
Tony Prince's photos
Bob Read's photo
25th DECEMBER Station BBMS closes down and never returns to the air. The equipment is moved to another fort, Roughs Tower, but not used again.
31st DECEMBER 11.30pm: Radio 390 returns to the air after conducting a survey which indicates that its fort is outside the territorial limit. Press cuttings


DATE EVENT Relevant pages of Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
17th JANUARY Station BBMS loses its appeal.
9th FEBRUARY Radio City is fined £100 in Rochford Magistrates Court. The station closes down at midnight. Radio City Story
City mast dismantled
Press cuttings
22nd FEBRUARY Radio 390 is back in court. It is found guilty but appeals and continues on air. Peter Berkeley's photo album
Graham Gill’s photos & script
Roger Scott’s photos
David Sinclair’s photos
28th FEBRUARY Britain Radio closes down following part of the aerial mast lost in a storm.
11th MARCH Peir Vick Ltd., the sales company of Radio Dolfijn and Britain Radio, goes into voluntary liquidation owing more than £100,000. Press cuttings
13th MARCH Radio Scotland is fined £80 for broadcasting inside the three mile limit. Station goes off the air until the ship can be moved to a new position. Press cuttings
15th MARCH Radio 355 replaces Britain Radio. Tom Collins’s photos
Martin Kayne’s photo
North Sea boat trip
The Radio 355 Story
1st APRIL April Fool's Day broadcast from Radio London as “Radio East Anglia”. Radio East Anglia
8th APRIL Radio Scotland (and Ireland) returns to the air from a new anchorage off Ballywalter, Northern Ireland. After three weeks, the ship returns to Scotland. Press cuttings
8th MAY Radio Scotland drops anchor in a new position off Fife Ness. Ben Healy’s memorabilia
Radio Scotland DJ photos
Voyages of Radio Scotland
3rd JULY Singer José Feliciano performs live on Radio 355. Later a knife-wielding crew-member has to be restrained and removed from the ship. José Feliciano on Radio 355
28th JULY Radio London announces it will close on 14th.August.
5.10pm: Radio 390 closes down, after losing its appeal.
Closing the pages of Eve
Press cuttings
5th AUGUST 12 midnight: Radio 355 closes down.
14th AUGUST 3pm: Radio London closes down.
12 midnight: Marine Offences Act becomes law. Radios 270 and Scotland close down.
Only the two Caroline ships remain on the air off Britain.
No Man Will Ever Forget
Press cuttings
More press cuttings
The Comet in harbour
Morris Brown's photos
Robbie Dale correspondence
Carl Mitchell’s papers
21st AUGUST Sunk Head fort, previously used by Radio Tower, is blown up by a team of Royal Engineers. Press cutting
1st SEPTEMBER The Marine Offences Act is extended to cover the Isle of Man under an Order in Council. Caroline North continues. Martin Kayne’s Caroline photo
Jason Wolfe’s photos
Mike Wright’s photos


DATE EVENT Relevant pages of Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
2nd MARCH After closing down at 10pm, the Caroline North ship is boarded.
3rd MARCH 5.20am: Caroline South is put off the air in the middle of a record by a similar boarding party. The two ships are towed to Holland by the tugs Titan and Utrecht. Caroline towed away
Press cuttings
George Hare’s documents
Rob Olthof’s photos
Manfred Sommer’s scrapbook
Chris Vermeulen’s photos

These dates have come from a number of reference books, including From International Waters by Mike Leonard, Offshore Radio by Gerry Bishop, Pirate Radio Then And Now by Stuart Henry and Mike Von Joel, Pop Went The Pirates by Keith Skues, and When Pirates Ruled The Waves by Paul Harris. The books do not always agree. If you spot any mistakes, please get in touch.
See also Dr Eric Gilder and Mervyn Hagger's timeline, covering the build-up to the arrival of offshore radio in Britain: 1917-1959 and 1960-1963.

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